Of Grace and Gravity

The world of Structural Integration owes a debt to Bruce Kubert, who has produced a film about Ida Rolf’s gift to us. In it, he interviews many of the old-timers (some of whom are my teachers) who worked with her directly and pulls their collective wisdom into one place for us to enjoy.

My favorite quote, from Tom Wing:

The person walks in, the question I hold in my consciousness, in my awareness is, “Ok, what would it look like, what would I see if this structure could perfectly express the being that resides within it? What would that look like?”


I love that the film starts out with Nicholas French recounting that Dr. Rolf would describe her work differently every time she was asked. That’s what happens to most of us, though we all work to refine our elevator pitches for simplicity. Here is a nice long clip that should answer some questions about what the Rolf Method of Structural Integration is.  And if you are really curious, here’s the film.