Directions, Parking & Building Access

Our practice is on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish People, specifically the Duwamish, Suquamish, and Muckleshoot People. We honor with gratitude the land itself, the spirits of the land, and those whose ancestors have been here since time immemorial.

We are in the Urban WORKLoft building at the intersection of Airport Way South and S. Horton Street, the Rainier Brewery with the big red “R” is just north of us. Getting into the building can be somewhat of a puzzle box and things don’t always work the way they are supposed to, so your patience and a sense of humor will serve you well.

The office is located at 3250 Airport Way South, Suite 743. Here’s a little video to illustrate the description that follows:

The garage entries are on South Horton street; the first one goes underground and the next one is just after the loading dock elevators and before the Storage office. There are six Guest spots labeled on the right side of the first floor garage, and three straight ahead in the underground garage, with three more around the corner. Parking is free. There is also free parking under the Spokane street viaduct or on South Horton or Stevens Street (see MAP). *They are ticketing for parking in non-guest spots in the garage, so please don’t park in anything not labeled “guest”.*

The pedestrian entrance is on Airport Way South, look for the double doors with the call box outside of them.

Office elevators are accessed through the lobby, either from Airport Way or the West side of either garage. There is a call box outside of those doors, find “Thrive Together” there or dial 743 “call” and call up for entry. Elevators will not allow you up unless you have been buzzed in or someone with a key card helps you.

If you are more than 5-10 minutes early for your appointment you can let yourself into the lobby with the code 07743 to wait, but you will have to call up from those outside callboxes or the kiosk in the lobby to activate the elevators when it’s time. Please do not call up more than 5-10 minutes before your appointment time, as we need the time in between sessions to clean and sanitize.

Once you are buzzed up, the elevator should allow you to push number 7, if it does not, try calling up again on the intercom. We are at the South end of the building all the way at the very end of the hall.

There are bike racks in the garage on the ground floor (not underground) for your convenience.

Public Transportation (from Pioneer Square)

The SODO light rail stop is about a 14 minute walk from the Urban Work Lofts.

Google Maps does a good job of letting you know your bus options, and the Metro Trip Planner shows rides that take only 7-12 minutes from downtown, some of which will drop you right in front of the building and others near the Spokane Street stop at the end of the SODO Busway, an eight-minute walk.

Pedestrian entrance on Airport Way South.
Pedestrian entrance on Airport Way South.