Introducing Halcyon Massage & Bodywork

Halcyon Massage & Bodywork Grand Opening!
Jennifer Keller, once of Thrive Together Healing Arts, is now Halcyon Massage and Bodywork. She is all set up and ready to help people with her specialized low-force treatment modalities in her new office, a peaceful oasis just two floors down in the Urban Work Lofts.

If you are used to my strong hands, Jennifer’s gentle work might feel really different to you. I find it to be very beneficial.

I refer people to CranioSacral Therapy (CST) for TMJ or jaw clenching, chronic headaches, improved sleep, and for when their bodies need gentle interventions that nonetheless work deeply to encourage health and vitality. I have sought out CST myself to clear residual gunk from a sinus infection or the effects of dental work, and have experienced relief wherever on my body the technique is applied. It’s subtle but powerful work. My son recently did a series of CST with Jennifer to help him recover from some post-concussion headaches that had plagued him for three years. Each session chipped away at the duration and intensity of the pain, and six sessions took care of the issue completely. I am one grateful mama.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is great for chronic lymphedema or edema (swelling) resulting from injury or surgery. MLD gently encourages the restoration of lymphatic flow and helps the body clear out the wastes of healing activity. I have read that it’s also good for lipedema, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis, and I think it is an under-promoted modality that could help a lot of people if they knew more about it. One of my longtime clients, a survivor of lymphoma, has experienced great relief from Jennifer’s MLD work.

Jennifer just started a year-long training in Visceral Manipulation (VM) work to add to her gentle/powerful skillset. My experience of VM is that it can be absolutely MAGICAL. Her teacher, Michael Hahn, once helped me with a persistent pain in my left upper back that nothing else was touching. It turned out to be adhesions in my right lung lobes– go figure. I’m thrilled that Jennifer is adding this exquisite technique to her catalog, I don’t want to learn it (yet?) but I do want someone nearby to refer to!

The last massage I received from Jennifer was an exquisite blend of her Neuromyofascial work, CranioSacral Therapy and MLD, just what I needed to help put me back together after a rough couple of months of post-COVID immunity issues.

If you are in need of some lovely restorative bodywork, find some time on Jennifer’s schedule today.