30 Years!

30 years.
Is it possible? I have been in practice for 30 years this month.

Some of you have known me the whole time fresh out of massage school, through Structural Integration and Somatic Experiencing trainings, heartbreak, tragedy, new love, pregnancy, motherhood, our endless house remodel, a pandemic, and evolution into Thrive Together Healing Arts.

This practice has literally fed, housed, and clothed me for most of my life.You have sent me on adventures to Europe and South America, Hawaii and Mexico, and all manner of beautiful places in the great Pacific Northwest. You have helped me raise my son, fix my house, buy health insurance for my family, and educate myself.

This practice has been a wellspring of personal growth, a place to bring my authentic self, what I am thinking about, feeling, studying, or going through. You have taught and continue to teach me what works and does not work, how to recognize and hold boundaries, to ask for permission, be humble.

This practice has been a source of strength and coherence. Helping you helps me know who I am and how to be part of this world. The pandemic break- a stress test for so many in their careers- served to reinforce my path: I am doing what I am here to do. Still learning, always more to learn, this is the way. I missed you so much!

My elders laid it out for me early: get used to not knowing what you are doing, stay curious, be present. The older I get, the more clear that advice becomes, and on my best days I am enchanted by the mystery of it all. Other days I suffer from impostor syndrome, completely bewildered by the mystery of it all.
What I know for sure is that I am tremendously grateful for you, for your trust, support, and companionship on the journey. It is truly an honor to be a human with you, sustaining each other through these wild times. I hope that I can continue in the healing arts for another 30 years, but in any case I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Thank you so much for being part of my life.

Beloved clients, I am raising my prices again.
I have been underselling my services for 30 years, and as my body ages and my knowledge deepens, I need to be real with myself about leaving money on the table. A quick search of Seattle area Structural Integration and Somatic Experiencing practitioners shows that even with this bump I will be under-market for my skill set, and common sense dictates that I charge for my highest level of skill.

My new rates, beginning October 1 are as follows:
30 min $75
60 min $145
75 min $180
90 min $215

All existing appointments will remain at the current rates, so if you have yourself booked through January (for example) before October 1, your rates remain the same through January.
I do have a sliding scale option available which you can read about HERE, and the Tip-It-Forward Fund (read about that HERE) may have money in it if you find yourself in need of bodywork and strapped for cash

May this message find you thriving, enjoying your loved ones, and feeling connected to all the beauty of this glorious PNW summer.
With gratitude,