Rolfing® Videos

Found a bunch of interesting videos on YouTube regarding Ida Rolf’s Structural Integration.

Structural Integration Practitioner Ruthie Streiter of Conscious Body NYC explores the urban myth that Dr. Ida Rolf’s method is excruciatingly painful. She also talks about how any discomfort felt during Structural Integration sessions is simply a necessary part of the transformational process.

This Rolfing® demonstration featuring Advanced Certified Rolfer® Libby Eason was filmed at the Harvard Medical School during the Fascia Congress, which took place in Boston, MA. on October 4 & 5, 2007.

Here’s Dallas/Ft. Worth area Rolfer® John Barton describing the ten series session by session with a skeleton on his YouTube channel.

I am grateful to these practitioners for taking the time to help explain our work to the world.