Healers on Healing

I finally started reading this book a client gave me 10 years ago (I can’t believe it took me this long, but there it is) called Healers on Healing last night. One of the writers, Serge Kahili King, has a really lovely way of describing health. A couple of passages I like:
“…Let’s call health ‘a state of harmonious energy’ and healing ‘to harmonize and energize’. For sickness/illness/disease we’ll use the word ‘disharmony’, and for that which causes such a condition we’ll use the word ‘distress’, meaning excessive stress or tension.
…Basically there are only two things we can do about distress: either remove what is being resisted, or cease resisting it (change the reaction). All healing methods, even the spontaneous ones of the body, use one of these two methods…an ordinary individual uses the first method when he or she puts out a fire to avoid getting burned, while a nonordinary individual might use the second method and alter his or her body so that the fire doesn’t produce a burn.
…I am convinced that health is a natural state of harmonious energy that gets covered up or inhibited (disharmonized) by distress. Remove the excessive stress by action or reaction and health appears, because it was there all the time just waiting to manifest.”