Sliding Scale Fees for Bevin

This Sliding Fee Scale only applies to Bodywork with Bevin Keely

The rate you pay is an agreement we make as two humans living in an expensive city with bodies to take care of and other financial obligations to uphold. It is my desire to be of service to folks who need bodywork, and it is my reality that I have to charge for it in a way that sustains me. I have set my rates at a place that will do so, but in an effort to be of service to a broader spectrum of people in my community I will work on a sliding scale when necessary. First:

  • Do you have health insurance that will pay for out of network *massage benefits with the right paperwork? (*All of my work is “massage” to the insurance companies.)
  • Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) you can use?
  • Can you see me at longer intervals or do a shorter session? If you are used to a monthly session at $120, could you do every six weeks at $145? If you usually do 90 minutes, would 75 work?
  • We can set up a payment plan to spread out the cost of the work you receive. This makes the most sense for work done in a series, but could also work for regular sessions.
  • If you have something to trade or barter with, let’s talk.

If you have looked at the options above and still find yourself unable to access my work without hardship, then please use *this chart to assess your need and place yourself within this range:

30 minutes $40-$75

60 minutes $80-$145

75 minutes $115-$180

90 minutes $150-$215

Next, contact me and let me know how much you can pay and what you are hoping to get from our work together- what need are we addressing in your body? If the lowest number above is still not accessible to you, please say so, there may be some money available from my tip-it-forward fund to sponsor your bodywork.

*For help with using the chart, go to the source: