Booking with Bevin

If you know the deal here’s the booking site for Bevin Keely: CHECK AVAILABILITY

For Jennifer Keller‘s schedule please GO HERE.

If you go to Bevin’s booking site and you see nothing available or were hoping for more options, please read on.

The online schedule is open for booking 90 days out, rolling over one day at a time. Much of the time those 90 days are fully booked. I do get cancellations; you can add yourself to the cancellation list at the bottom right of this page or send me an email to let me know you are looking for a cancellation.

I hold my schedule offline past 90 days to make room for people looking to do a series of work with me. Meaningful change is more likely to occur within a series, and I live for meaningful change! Whether we endeavor to support your recovery from an injury or illness, unwind patterns of repetitive strain, or compassionately integrate a difficult experience your body is holding for you, a series of sessions is the most rewarding way to go.

Series work might be:

The best way to get a series set up is to contact me directly. When you do, tell me a little bit about how I can help you, what times of the day/days of the week generally work for you, and how many sessions you are wanting to set up. I will get back to you with some possibilities which will very likely be three to four months from the time you contact me.